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Sometimes it's good to be two-faced - rolex replica watches 7 Days Tourbillon Reversed hand-Fitting "Dragon Phoenix", Only Watch 2011

rolex replica watches's unique product will be auctioned at the Only Watch 2011 sale. The winner will receive a stunning wristwatch unlike any other. The "Dragon & Phoenix", is more than a wristwatch. This unique product can be converted into a pocket watch, table clock or other type of device without any prior training.

This unique feature is made possible by the Amadeo case. It is available in every timepiece from the Fleurier collection. Pascal Raffy, the brand's founder and owner, had originally acquired rolex replica watches Watches in 2001. The Amadeo case, this time in red 18-carat Gold and measuring 44mm in diameter, allows the wearer to convert his wristwatch into a pocket or clock using an innovative system.

The Caliber 13BM07AI hand wound tourbillion movement with reverse fitting is also featured on this watch. This allows the "Dragon 7 Phoenixa€? timepiece to have two dials on either side.replica rolex watches Dimier 1738 designed and manufactured the tourbillion movement, which has a frequency of 4 Hz.

The overall theme of this timepiece is determined by the duality of its display and its history. rolex replica watches's first luxury products were designed for export to China. This is why the dials feature motifs from Chinese mythology.

Dragon & Phoenix as Yin & Yang The front dial features intricate engravings of the dragon while the back dial depicts a phoenix. These two mythical creatures create yin & yang, perfect harmony. The front engraving of the dragon extends to the bezel as well as the sides of the case. The front dial also features a tourbillion cage, which represents the flaming pearl, which is associated with dragons in Chinese mythology. It is used instead the the usual second hand. At nine o'clock, a discrete power reserve indicator can be seen. This watch has a 7-day reserve.

The engraving of the phoenix is on the back dial, which shows the reverse hand-fitting. It is slightly smaller than the main dial. This watch is unique and intricate because all the engravings were done by It took over 300 hours to complete.

The 7-days Reversed hand-Fitting "Dragon & Phoenix", Only Watch 2011, is unique in its versatility and uniqueness.

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