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Sotheby's organized the first of three major New York auctions for December 10. The Important Watches Sale, which included 312 timekeepers, raised nearly 6.5 million dollars ($6,481,375). Eleven watches that were offered at over $100,000 each made up a large portion of the money. The U-Boat Replica Watches Reference 2499 yellow gold in U-Boat Replica Watches is the most expensive. This model, which was made by Genevese, has been praised as being one of the most loved ever. Two tied timekeepers are at the second spot: the Grande Complication pocket watch from Charles Frodsham & Co., and the mid-century Panerai diver reference 3646. Six figures were also paid: a Vacheron Constantin minute repeater; five other U-Boat Replica Watches, three with bird-themed enamel faces and one antique pocket watch; as well as three Rolexes with dual time zone complications: two Paul Newman Cosmographs as well as one with a dual-time zone complication. This was, overall, the least interesting of the three major New York auctions that took place in December. The other two were held by Antiquorum or Christie's. Its highest-valued watch was at the ninth spot when it comes to prices.

U-Boat Replica Watches Ref. 2499 is the top-priced timepiece in the sale. The brand's most famous series, which has been produced continuously since 1941 (beginning with the Reference 1518 model), is 2499 in yellow. It features one of the most loved and well-known complication combinations, the perpetual calendar with a Chronograph. This combination tends to fetch the highest amount of money at almost all modern watch auctions. This particular piece is from 1968 and belongs in the third sub-series for the model 2499. It is housed in an 18 K yellow gold round casing measuring 37 mm in diameter and 14 mm in width. The dial's silver outlay has two apertures that indicate days of the week or months,replica watches two chrono sub-counters to show minutes and small seconds, and the largest sub-dial, which shows the date and moon phases. The Geneva seal certified movement has a 13-line wide hand-wound movement and 23 jewels. It uses a mono-metallic balance with 8 adjustments. U-Boat Replica Watches 2499 sold for $353,000. This is slightly less than the $250,000 to 350,000 estimate. The second most valuable watch sold in New York was the updated Reference 5004P, which was slightly more expensive due to its split-seconds complications and perpetual calendar. This watch dates from 2006 and is housed in a platinum circular casing measuring 37 x 14 cm. It also features a black dial with diamond indexes. This watch was supplied with a nickel-lever Caliber CHR27/70Q handwound movement with 28 jewels. It was estimated to have a value between $200,000 and $250,000. Unfortunately, the seller was not interested in selling this watch.

Three Vintage Pieces Sold for Nearly $200,000 Contrary to expectations, the second highest amount (precisely $233,000) was attracted not by the timekeepers but by two others. Charles Frodsham & Co. was the first to sell. This is a Grand Complication watch, an open-faced watch from 1917 that combines a split second chronograph, a minute repeater and a one-minute tourbillon. It is housed in a large, round housing of yellow gold with a width of 63.5mm and a thickness of 29mm. The dial is enameled and has a charming "best Venitian color" created by Willis,chopard replica watch a master dial maker. The face features Roman numerals as well as two large sub-counters. The three quarter plate movement is its most notable segment. It has a double-roller lever escapement and free sprung regulation. The hand-wound movement also has two complications from Nicole Nielsen & Co. Besides Guillaume balance, it also features a Type 2 tourbillon cage as well as the used chronograph. Strangely, the antique pocket watch, which was found recently, was also worth $3,000 more than the estimate value. It was valued between $100,000 to $200,000, and was therefore the most expensive timekeeper at the show.

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